The President Quote

Meiko Chagyo Co., Ltd. was established in 1973 at Shizuoka.
We are still a recent to the tea business. But by upholding the tradition of tea of the past and create a new tea culture to the future generations we act our work without compromises.
This keeps us to invent new products,keep the natural freshness of the tea and keep remove from the dust and bacteria.
From the approaches like fermentation and sterilizing the powdered tea, we insure our customers for fresher,healthier and tastier tea products.
This has earned the acclaim of trust of our distributors and customers nationwide and outside who are using our products.
We have also earned the acclaim of trusts of firms outside tea industries as a food manufacturer.
Over the past few years the state of tea producing has changed.Making tea using a teapot heating long time has changed to a powdered tea and instant tea which can be drunk soon.
New forms of developments has been invented that has made the green tea drink sooner and in the same label of taste before.our company is using the recent technology in the tea industry but we are aware to keep the tea culture,its taste as in the past .
We welcome your requests,suggestions and guidance so feel free to contact us at any time.
Takashi Nagase, President