Masaaki Mori

Masaaki Mori is based in Honyama, Shizuoka. He Makes The Imperial Grade of low-steamed green tea for all country standard.
No one can not make greentea with this aroma.
Imperial KOUSHUN, Imperial YABUKITA, Imperial OKUMIDORI.

Tobae Seicha

Tobae Seicha based in Shibushi in Kagoshima. He can make low steamed, middle steamed and high steamed tea. His tea can export to EU, US and Taiwan.
Imperial HARUMOEGI, Imperial SAEMIDORI, Imperial SAEAKARI and more.

Yame Miryokuen

Yame Miryokuen is making Greentea and Tencha for Japanese standard and Taiwanese Standard.
Yame Matcha 1st, Matcha YM14K2, Yame Matcha Koufuku, Imperial Yamecha, Matcha TYM17K2


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