Japanese tea and Matcha Exporting

We export different kinds of tea products to all countries via Narita international Airport(NRT), Tokyo,Shimizu Port(SMZ),Shizuoka,Tokyo port(TKO) and Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport(FSZ).
According to the customer, courier service is also available. For supplying the tea products wholesale,feel free to contact us anytime at our company at the business hours.

Tea Products Manufacturing

The details of the products produced by our company is given below.

Name in brief
Green tea(sencha) It is a normal green tea(camellia sinensis)
Houji Cha It is a roasted green tea
Genmaicha(roasted rice greentea) It is mixed to sencha or bancha and Genmai(Roasted Rice).Sometime may be mixed in Matcha.
Bancha It is a green tee made in certain time.it doesn’t contain caffeen.
Every kinds of tea bags The tea bags where the tea contains are put.
Funmatu(green tea powder) Sencha is sterilized and smashed in powder.
Matcha Special green tea(tencha) is used,sterilized and smashed in powder.
Instant tea It is extracted from sencha in powder(Its different from Matcha).

Packing and private labeling(OEM)

We do all kinds of labellings.To save the freshness of the tea,clean and dust free we are using the latest methods and machines.We are proud to say that Meiko is the only firm to bag Matcha through quality assurance via vacuum packing/nitrogen filling without using deoxidizers.Through the new packaging method we are able to prevent the degradation of Matcha. We are careful to insure the customers for the fresher and tastier tea products you have had never before.
Other than this,we are wholesaler of frozen foods,sugar,fruits powder and the other related products

Export Japanese Products

List of the frozen foods,sugar,fruits powder and other related products are given below.

Brown sugar(kokutou) Brown sugar of Okinawa
Black powdered sugar It is the powder of brown sugar
Frozen Ohagi Frozen ohagi in different tastes(macha,apple and small beans tastes)
Beverage products In plastic bottles,paper pack(from NB to OEM products)
Cereals processed goods Fermented goods from Genmai coffee(Roasted rice coffee) ,Mugicha(barley grain tea)
Fruit juice powder From Amaou strawberry,Japanese style lemons and else.